Track & field will soon be starting! Registration is scheduled for Sunday, February 16 at the Eldorado High School Track, 11:00am to 1:00pm. You can also register at any team practice. Practice starts Monday, February 17. To start the pre-registration process, please fill out the registration form. You can also send an email to coach at aattrack dot com. Include your phone number(s) and best times you can be reached. Coach Carl will call. Alternatively, call him at 328-3835. Parents are encouraged to pre-register, to save time.

Download Registration Form (PDF)

For more information, download the flyer.

Track & Field

The Eldorado High School Track

Photo by Cheryl Haaker

The Eldorado High School Track, where Albuquerque Athletics Track works out during the spring and summer.

Workout Schedule AAT team practice will start on Monday February 17 and will end August 2nd for those athletes that qualify for the National Junior Olympic Track & Field Championship meet. Practices are at 5:30pm every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and end around 7pm, unless otherwise announced. Parents should make the necessary arrangements to have their athletes picked up promptly after practice.

The workout schedule is designed to put the athlete in a position to be successful in the meets. All athletes are encouraged to attend all three practices per week to get the proper conditioning necessary to be competitive in the meets and to participate on the relay teams.

Rest room facilities and water are not available for the athletes at practice.

Bring Water!All athletes should be properly dressed and be prepared for any changes in the weather. Water and sunscreen are musts for all practices and meets.

Shoes All athletes should wear good running shoes. Track spike shoes are an optional item and depend on the events and competitiveness of the athlete. The cost of these shoes can vary from around $35 to $100 depending on the brand of shoe and the store.

A Family Lifestyle AAT feels that track & field, cross-country, running, walking and exercise in general should be a life style for the whole family. Parents are encouraged to work out on their own on the track while their athletes are training. We feel that your presence at practice will serve to encourage your athletes to train hard and keep them at their best behavior. We will designate lanes for the parents to walk or run in. However, we do request that the parents do not work out with their athletes and that they let the coaches coach and train the athletes, both at practice and the meets. We encourage the parents to use this as an opportunity to meet their New Year's resolution for getting into shape or to meet new friends.


You can register at any team practice, MWF. The AAT registration fee (call Coach Carl 328-3835 for the fee applicable for your athlete(s)) includes

When registering, you will need to provide

The initial sign up fee for returning AAT athletes will vary depending on expiration of the athletes USATF Track Card and whether they need a new uniform. Please call or email for the fee that applies to your athlete(s).

Athletes may also wish to order AAT sweats. Check with Coach Carl for more information!

Track Meets

Local Track Meets are held on Saturday or Sunday and are an all morning to early afternoon affair. The meets are very exciting for everyone and AAT parents may be required to assist in working at these meets by helping with timing, picking and other meet tasks. AAT parents are encouraged to compete in the open divisions at these meets.

AAT will focus on the local meets, State, Region Ten Meet, and the USATF National Junior Olympic Championships.

The season's schedule of track meets will be posted on the Meets page. When results become available, they can also be found there.

Age Groups

The athletes are divided into groups determined by their birth years, and will compete with athletes at the same level. For 2015, the age groups are:

Age GroupBirth Years
8&under2011 & earlier
9 - 102010-2011
11 - 122008-2009
13 - 142006-2007
15 - 162004-2005
17 - 182002-2032

Track & Field Events

AAT will be training and competing in the following events:

HurdlesAll Distances
Relays4 x 100m4 x 400m4 x 800m
Race Walking1500m3000m  
JumpingLong jumpHigh jump  
ThrowingShot putDiscusJavelin & Mini-jav