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Cross Country 2020

AAT Parents and Coaches

I am postponing our fall cross country registration scheduled for Monday August 17th until further notice. The start of the 2020 AAT cross country season is on hold due to the Covid 19 virus outbreak.

As of July 31st no decision has been made by USATF or the NM association if or when there will be a fall Junior Olympic cross country season. Last spring USATF cancelled the JO track season due to CV19. The cross country season will be discussed at the August board meeting of USATFNM.

CV19 will be driving our return to the field of play and we will follow the rules and guidelines issued by the state and health professionals for the safety and well being of all AAT members. The age of our athletes present more challenging issues to resolve including Safesport compliance than a high school or collegiate cross country program.

Given the status of CV19 and its contagious spread to people of all ages including children in our age groups, Lucille and I hope you and your family are safe and doing well. These are extraordinary times and I know you have many issues to deal with including your concern over the start of school this fall. Please be safe and take care. We look forward to when we can safely return to the field of play.

Please share this information with your friends that have expressed an interest in having their children run cross-country with AAT this season. I will keep you updated on any further developments and thank you for understanding the circumstances surrounding the fall cross country season.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you

2003 State/Region XVI: start of the midget girls race

photo by Cheryl Haaker

2003 State/Region XVI: Start of the Midget Girls race. AAT athletes are in the center, with turquoise tops and black shorts.

Age Groups (2019)

The Albuquerque Athletics Track (AAT) team is a track & field and cross country team for athletes age 5 to 18. The age groups for competition are divided by gender. The USATF division names nominally refer to "age", but actually mean the year of birth. Here are this year's divisions, with a convenient birth year table:

Age GroupBirth YearRace Distance
8 & under2011 & earlier2000m

The "8 and under" age group is allowed to compete at the State, Regional, and National meets. However, in order to compete in the National meet, the athletes must be at least 7 years old on December 31st.


Aerial view of Bear Canyon, showing the main trails.

Image taken from Google Maps

An aerial view of Bear Canyon, showing the trails that AAT will use. Juan Tabo and the John Roberts Dam are at the left (west), and the Tramway Bridge is at the right (east).

Initial signup will be Monday, August 19th, as will the first team practice. Athletes should dress to run! Practices will be held at John B. Robert Dam, which is located on the east side of Juan Tabo Blvd NE between Spain and Montgomery. Practice times are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 5:30 PM. Practice times will decrease in length as day light savings time ends and light permits. All practices will end by 7:00 PM. It is extremely important that parents are prompt in dropping off and picking up your athlete(s) at the practice field.

There will be no practice on the Labor Day holiday Monday Sep 2.

Parents are encouraged to work out on their own during practice. AAT feels that running, walking and exercise in general should be a life style that the whole family can participate in and enjoy. We feel that your presence at practice will serve to encourage your athletes to train hard and keep them at their best behavior. However, we do request that the parents do let the coaches coach and train the athletes at practice and the meets.

Athletes should wear comfortable running attire, including good running shoes ($50-$100), sweats, jackets, gloves, and hats to practice and the meets. No rest room facilities or water are available at the practice site. All athletes should bring their own water to practice. Always bring water to practice!

Cross Country Meets

Local cross-country meets are held on either a Saturday or Sunday. The Meets are usually an all-morning affair and are very exciting for everyone. AAT athletes should bring water to the meets. AAT parents may be required to assist in working at these meets by helping with timing, picking and other tasks.

The cross country season runs through December 14th. The schedule for the 2019 cross country season will be posted on this web site on the Meets page, as well as the USA Track&Field New Mexico page. This information will be periodically updated, as the season goes on, so be sure to check at least weekly!